Reinforced Concrete, Stormwater and Drainage Pipes


Midland Concrete Pipes manufactures pipes in both Flush Joint and Rubber Ring Joint. Our product ranges in size from 300mm to 1500mm with standard classes of 2, 3 and 4. We can also manufacture higher load class pipes upon special order.

Rubber Ring Joint pipes manufactured by Midland have an effective length of 2.4m, while our Flush Joint pipes have an effective length of 2.45m.

We handle all our own logistics which enables us to be more flexible with delivery times. We feel this puts the customer at a great advantage allowing deliveries to be done on time every time.


We supply Flush Joint and Rubber Ring Joint in these sizes


  • 300mm (12″)
  • 375mm (15″)
  • 450mm (18″)
  • 525mm (21″)
  • 600mm (24″)
  • 675mm (27″)
  • 750mm (30″)
  • 825mm (32″)
  • 900mm (36″)
  • 1050mm (42″)
  • 1200mm (47″)
  • 1350mm (53″)
  • 1500mm (59″)
  • 1650mm (65″)
  • 1800mm (70″)
  • 2100mm (82″)


We also supply pre cast headwalls, pits and various pre cast structures to suit all our pipe sizes.

How to install a rubber ring

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