Wastewater Services & Management

Wastewater Service

Icon-Septech’s service contracts are designed to ensure optimal operation. In fact, experience has shown that our service contracts save money (and time) in the long run. Plus, the regular monitoring ensures that output quality is safe and that your well being is assured.


Programmed maintenance services are generally performed quarterly and are a quick and simple check up on the biological processes and componentry of your system. And, backed by the smart technology of our microprocessor control panels, our service team are able to diagnose and fix problems quickly – usually before they even occur.


During servicing, a qualified and accredited service technician will fine tune plant settings, check components and replace consumables when required.


To minimize any inconvenience, we recommend committing to an annual service contract which will provide consistent performance from the plant, as well as compliance with all warranty and local government conditions and save you money.  We also take the worry out of reporting your system’s service by sending your results directly to your local council.



State Health Authorities have determined the effluent qualities that may be discharged, and the treatment plant has been designed to exceed these standards. It must be understood that mandatory quarterly servicing is to be carried out by an authorised person. This quarterly servicing requirement is a requirement of EPA and your local council. Only a trained Civilmart Icon-Septech Vic serviceman is qualified to service your wastewater system.


To make things easy and carefree for you, annual service contracts are available.

Please note: Service contracts are invoiced separately to the purchase of sewage treatment plant. 



For more information on our service contracts, please contact your Icon-Septech Service Centre on 1300 305 073.

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