Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Domestic Products

Icon-Septech has wastewater systems to suit a variety of applications, both domestic and commercial.


Icon-Septech’s Turbojet series are the perfect solution to your family’s wastewater problems. And after installing over 20,000 units throughout Australia and New Zealand, we’ve fine-tuned the product to ensure you receive maximum benefit with minimum of fuss.


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Turbojet’s features include:

Built to Australian and New Zealand Standards

In fact, all Turbojet products are built to surpass Australian and New Zealand Quality Standards, plus for extra peace of mind, the workmanship and quality of our products are guaranteed and covered by a comprehensive 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Super Strong Concrete Tanks

Integral to the design, Turbojet’s dual concrete tank system is built to withstand everything nature can throw at it, including bush fires and soil movement.

Buried Underground

Turbojet’s unique construction, means you never have to look at or hear your septic tank again – we bury our systems underground so as not to spoil your view or compromise your tranquility.

Flush Access Covers

Aesthetically pleasing, our flush access covers mean no ugly pumps or boxes to mess up the look of your garden.

Microprocessor Control

The very latest in wastewater technology, microprocessor controls mean your Turbojet system is smart enough to work without you having to lift a finger. Our efficient microprocessor controlled systems mean low operating costs and minimal servicing requirements.

Quality Componentry

All Turbojet products are designed to last – that’s why we use only quality componentry. The result: a long operating life and low operating costs – the very best of both worlds.


There are two sizes available in the Turbojet domestic series … the Turbojet 2000 and Turbojet 3000.

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